First Time Camping Guide

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Enjoy a happy camping trip with the whole family when you have the Coghlan's First-Time Camping Guide Booklet. This booklet from Coghlan's is filled with 32 pages of guiding information on selecting the right tents, sleeping bags, stoves, and clothing campsites.

Great for both novices and experts, it contains information in setting up the ideal camp, igniting campfires, cooking outdoors, preventing disasters, even preventing everyone from being insane when marooned, and so much more. It is also written for parents and grandparents with little camping knowledge when taking the whole family for camping trips in the outdoors. The Guide Booklet has a comprehensive shopping list to make sure you ll never forget anything when away from civilization. On the back cover, it also has a check list so you ll have everything you need to make your camping trek a success. Now, you can have the best camping trip ever when you use the Coghlan's First-Time Camping Guide Booklet to guide you all the way.

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