ENO Relax T-Shirt

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A super cute summer tee for snoozing in your ENO hammock under the shade or under the stars.

Recover is a company that works to remove recyclables from the waste stream and recreate them as materials for making clothing. The company collects and sorts post-consumer plastic bottles, shreds them into flakes, melts the flakes down, and extrudes them into a polyester yarn. But wait, it gets better... Recover also salvages cotton from discarded industry scraps, sorts them by color and blends the cotton yarns they produce with the polyester. The reclaimed fibers are spun into a yarn creating a first quality blend that looks and feels great. You get the best properties of both fibers in one tee; the cooling comfort of cotton, the wicking properties of polyester, along with the soft drape and texture you expect from a poly/cotton blend. Top it off with a neat ENO style graphic and you'll be heading out into the sun in style. The shape of sportswear to come ENO and Recover are making use of post-consumer and industrial waste that would otherwise end up clogging another landfill, producing something entirely new. It's rather magical, actually. Love the outdoors? Protect the environment with Reclaim® fiber clothing, Get the feel you want without adding to the environmental load, in fact, you'll be subtracting from it! A great way to have your Tee and feel good about it too.


About the Materials:

  • 60% Upcycled Cotton
  • 40% Recycled PET

Wash in cold water with like colors. Hang dry for best results.



  • Made with Reclaim® Fibers
  • Recycled industrial cotton scraps
  • Recycled post-consumer plastic bottles
  • Poly/cotton blend
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