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If speed and convenience are at the top of your list, the Olicamp Electron stove is your new best trail mate. Featuring an easy to use piezo-electric ignition system for brewing up a hot drink on the fly and a double-jointed stainless steel pot that acts as a compact storage option when not in use. A wide, semi-conical burner head allows for better gas/oxygen mixing and creates a broad flame to evenly heat the cooking surface while maximizing fuel efficiency. Includes a durable plastic case for storage and transport protection.

The combo includes the Olicamp LT Pot. The LT Pot is lightweight, compact and the perfect size for stacking and packing. The pot fits most butane fuel canisters inside. Multi-function, silicone lid features an easy pour drain hole, improves boil times, and snaps on tight to keep your stove and fuel securely inside during transport. The silicone coated pot handle minimizes heat transfer to your hands. Ounce measurements stamped into the aluminum pot help you measure your meal portions precisely. Lightweight mesh carry bag included.

The combo includes the Olicamp XTS Pot. Our XTS Pot can reduce boil times by as much as 40% thanks to the heat transfer system on the bottom of the pot. The more surface area capturing heat from your stove, the water boils faster saving you time and fuel. The pot features a silicone covered pot handle and lid. Most fuel canisters nest inside with your Olicamp stove, saving space in your pack and protecting your stove from damage along the trail. Lightweight mesh storage bag included.

Electron Stove
Boil Time: 3 min 25 seconds
Fuel Type: Canister (Fuel Sold Separately)

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