Dynamic Discs Marksman Lite Disc Golf Basket

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Practice better with the Marksman Lite.

The Marksman Lite takes the same solid construction from our Recruit Lite basket but sheds the outer layer of chains and uses a smaller top band to create a smaller target for more accurate practice. If you want to make putts on the Marksman Lite, you'll need precision and good speed coming into the basket. If you can make putts on the Marksman Lite, baskets that you see out on the course will start to feel huge! Take your putting to the next level with the Marksman Lite.



  • 5 mm. Zinc-coated chains (12 inner)
  • 1.5" Heavy-duty metal pole with charcoal gray powder coating
  • No tools necessary for assembly



  • Basket Height: 52"
  • Basket Cage Diameter: 26"
  • Pan Height: 7"
  • Deflector Band Height: 2"
  • Assembled Weight: 21 lbs.
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