Cleanwaste Toilet System Kit with Shelter

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The Cleanwaste Dry Toilet System, which includes the PUP™ Privacy Tent is a truly portable, easy to use, and sanitary means of human waste disposal that sets up in seconds.

  • The system includes the Cleanwaste Dry Toilet, the PUP Privacy Tent, the TOTE™ backpack and 15 WAG BAG® Toilet in a Bag™ waste kits.
  • The Cleanwaste Dry Toilet folds to briefcase size (19" x 14" x 5") and sets up in seconds.
  • The toilet sets up to the same height and bowl size as a standard household toilet. Its three leg design gives great stability on uneven ground.
  • The Wag Bag Toilet in a Bag waste kits each include a landfil approved bag good for 3-4 uses, a zip-close outer disposal bag, toilet paper and a hand sanitizer.
  • The degradable WAG BAG contains a bioactive non-toxic gelling powder that encapsulates liquid and solid waste, neutralizes odors (no perfumes), initiates and accelerates decomposition.
  • WAG BAGS are approved for disposal in any garbage can and sanitary landfill.
  • The PUP Privacy Tent has three closable windows and a door and has a top flap that admits an outdoor showerhead. It stands 6' 6" tall and the base measures 4' x 4'.
  • No assembly is required for the tent, all the poles and connectors are attached within the tent's fabric. For sanitary reasons there is no floor.
  • The TOTE backpack holds the entire toilet system, including a pocket for carrying used bags when necessary.
  • The complete system weighs only 18 pounds.
  • The system is great for boating trips, camping and home emergency preparedness.
  • The next time you have to go, you will be glad you have your Cleanwaste system!
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