Brilliant Reflective Strips - Stick On

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  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS: Reflective strips that can be seen from up to 500 feet
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material
  • DESIGN: 8 Colorized Stick-On strips that can be added to hard goods
  • DURABILITY: Highly durable, waterproof, and removable if needed
  • Brilliant® Reflective is used to enhance the visibility of any object typically carried or ridden while providing an improve aesthetic over traditional silver reflective.
  • Excellent for applying to hard surfaces
  • Adheres with applied pressure like a sticker
  • Excellent performance on a wide variety of products
  • Bikes, Bags, Shoes, Boats, Water Bottles, Dog Leashes, Helmets, Hunting Stands, ATVs, Scooters, etc.
  • Can be used as a design element of the equipment
  • For most effective visibility product should be such that it is visible on the product from multiple angles
  • 8 Stick-On Reflective Strips
    • 4 – 4” x 1” Strips
    • 2 – 4” x 0.75” Strips
    • 2 – 8” x 0.5” Strips
  • Pressure Application (Like a Sticker)
  • One Time Removable After Application, NOT reusable
  • 30 Square Inches of total Reflective per Pack
  • Up to 500ft Visibility
  • Colorized
  • Waterproof
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