BioLite BioFuel Pellets

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Go for the long burn with this premium blend of all natural, food-safe hardwood pellets.

Great for backup fuel in damp environments and use with BioLite's CampStove or CookStove, the BioLite BioFuel Pellets are a premium blend of all-natural, food-safe, hardwood pellets that create a strong, hot fire for cooking your outdoor meals. In just a single bag, you get up to 2 hours of cooking time over a clean flame with minimal re-fueling - that's the equivalent of using up to 2 full gas canisters on white gas stoves! Includes pellets and firestarter.



  • Single bag provides two hours cooking time with minimal refueling
  • Provides hot strong fire to cook meals or use as easy backup when camping in damp environments
  • For use with BioLite CampStove
  • Made in the USA



  • Materials: Premium hardwood blend
  • Weight: 2.20 lbs.
  • Total Burn Time: 2 Hours
  • Boil Capacity: 15L (during 2 hour burn)
  • In the Bag: Pellets & firestarter
  • Recommended for use with: BioLite Campstove & BioLite Cookstove
  • For Outdoor Use Only
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