Bear Aware Hiking Guide 4th Edition by Bill Schneider

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Here's the perfect, everything you need to know about bears while being out and about in the wilderness This book contains tips on how to stay away from bears and also how to stay safe.

Hiking in bear country always carries a risk, but the risk can be made minuscule if hikers follow the advice given in this small, packable book. Extensively reviewed by bear experts, the book provides tips and contains the latest information on the intriguing science of bear-human interactions, including the uses and benefits of pepper spray.

This guide contains advice on:

  • Hiking and camping safely in bear country
  • How to handle a close encounter with a bear
  • Food storage methods that help keep campsites bear free
  • Special precautions for hunters, anglers, mountain bikers, trail runners, and outfitters
  • Specific regulations in national parks
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