Wetfire Tinder 5 pk.

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If you get caught in cold weather, wet conditions, or with the sun going down, the ability to quickly get a survival fire going could be the difference between life and death – that’s where WetFire Tinder Cubes come in. Designed so you have the ability to start a fire in the worst conditions including blizzards, high winds, and rain, a few shavings of a WetFire Tinder Cube will instantly catch fire when coming into contact a spark or flame.

  • Burn at over 1,300 degrees and are guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions
  • Stay lit for up to 5-minutes so you have time to build a larger fire
  • A few shavings from each cube is all you need so you can start multiple fires from each cube
  • 12 individually wrapped tinder cubes so you can store tinder in your survival supplies, bug out bag, or hiking pack
  • WetFire Cubes burn even better when wet so you have added performance when you need it most
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