Think Outside Book

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Think beyond the walls of your kitchen and get inspired by the many ways you can cook outside. Food just tastes better out there! And if your meals are eaten outside too, it is an absolute win-win experience.

Stuck in a rut? This book will pull you out and lead you on an epic food adventure, with recipes created in foil packs or pie irons, a Dutch oven or skillet, over the fire or on a grill. There's something to suit your every cooking whim, any time of the day. 

  • Start your day with Eggs & Tots Pizza, a meaty skillet masterpiece with a kick of adobo.
  • Make lunchtime easy with pie iron Luau Quesadillas. Cheesy ham and pineapple? Yes please. 
  • For dinner, indulge in Sesame Steak Kabobs, with simple Peach Crisps for dessert.

Hungry? Take it outside.

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