Simpson & Vail National Park Tea Great Smokey Mountains 4 oz.

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The Smoky Mountains is the most visited park in the US with numbers such as 11.4 million visits in 2018. There is a multitude of reasons for these large numbers.

The variety of hiking trails is only one of the reasons people keep coming back. Delicious blackberries grow abundantly here and it's almost impossible to leave the Smokies without blackberry flavored goodies: Blackberry jam, blackberry donuts, and (the best) blackberry moonshine. Naturally when designing a blend for this park we started with a prominent blackberry flavor then added a subtle smoky taste which represents the haze that lays across the mountains.


Black teas, lapsang souchong tea, blackberries, blackberry leaf, marigold petals and blackberry flavor.

Brew tea at 212º - steep for 3 minutes.

4 Ounces of loose tea makes approximately 50 cups of tea.

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