RodStow, Single

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The RodStow rod holder system is a vertical fishing rod storage system for boats. RodStow rod racks will hold your rods above deck, safely and securely, ready for your fishing experience.

The RodStow Single is available in black or white, and installs in minutes with the supplied stainless steel screws. It features a removable gimbal pin that you can leave in to support the rod and stop rotation, or remove to let the rod pass through.

The vertical RodStow rod rack is suitable for most rods and reels, including spinning, trigger, boat and game reels, and any length of fishing rod.

Tube size 1.57in inside diameter
Can holds gaffs, boat hooks or nets
Removable gimbal pin to stop rod rotation
Made from UV Stabilised, fibreglass reinforced engineering polymers
Fits all rod lengths
Stainless steel screws


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