MTI PFD Child Livery

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We like the Livery PFD for its ability to simply and comfortably keep our kids safe. Making sure they're secure is the biggest part, and multiple adjustment and attachment points do just that. That means you can relax on the beachside while they jump around in shallow waters.


  • PFD to keep the kids safe when playing in the lake
  • Polyester shell holds strong against wear and tear
  • Soft liner makes sure there's no itch or fuss
  • Three adjustment points to get the right fit
  • Crotch strap makes sure they don't slip out of it
  • Back grab loop lets you jet them around the water
Tech Specs:
  • USCG Approved for:
    All Paddling, Sailing, Power Watercraft
    Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Jet-Skiing & Towing
  • Shell: Durable 300D Polyester
  • Liner: Soft 200D Polyester
  • Floatation: Foam
  • Collar Grab Loop: Easy Retravel of Child from Water
  • Weight Range: 30 lbs to 50 lbs (13.6kg to 22.7kg)
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