Limelight Power Dock

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Key functions and features:


  • Dock positions your phone for easy access to all your phone’s capabilities.
  • Bluetooth pairs with your phone and peripherals to monitor speed, distance, or heart rate using your favorite workout app.
  • 4400 mAh power bank nearly triples your current battery life for extended GPS, light, speaker, and phone use.
  • The dock positions your phone for clear viewing of google maps, while speakers provide crisp audio of turn-by-turn directions.
  • The Bluetooth speaker lets you hear calls or listen to music while riding. No need to use dangerous earbuds which impede your hearing.
  • Double LED headlight let you see or be seen. Two modes-always on or flashing.
  • Perfectly positioned push button bell alerts others to your presence.
  • Built in micro SD card slot plays and stores music with and without your phone; Skip songs and adjust volume easily using Limelight’s controls.
  • On board internet access can help you find a new spot for coffee, or a great destination.
  • IP54 water resistant. Dock retains connectivity for clear and crisp audio functions even if your phone is stored in your pocket and out of the rain.
  • USB out (for charging phone) and Mini USB in (for charging unit).
  • Android and iPhone compatible.


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