How to Die in the Outdoors: From Bad Bears to Toxic Toads by Buck Tilton

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Contains 150 interesting ways to go, from the renowned outdoors doctor-storyteller Buck Tilton.

By living a normal, boring life like most people do, one has an excellent chance of becoming yet another statistic on the proverbial list of the leading causes of death. Of course, the process can be accelerated a bit by eating lots of fat, giving up exercise, smoking, drinking heavily (not water), and worrying. Buck Tilton prefers to ponder the alternatives. In How to Die in the Outdoors, he presents us with 110 far more interesting and unique ways to perish: snake bite, elephant foot, walrus tusk, rhino horn, and many, many more.

In a straightforward style laced with his trademark wit, and presented in easy to understand terms, Tilton describes not only the details of how one can die, some intriguingly gory and all based—more or less—on facts, but also the ways to avoid death should life-threatening situations arise in which one is not ready to check out of this world and into whatever afterlife there may be.

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