Dynamic Discs Marksman Disc Golf Basket

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If you want to get better, get the Marksman.

The Marksman by Dynamic Discs will make you a better putter. Period. It will force you to focus while putting and have a more repeatable putt. It will give you more confidence and sharpen your mental game. It will take strokes off of your score.



  • 5 mm. Zinc-coated chains (15 inner)
  • The Marksman basket is electrophoresed first and then powder coated for extra protection from natural elements
  • Tension screws are included for increased stability
  • The Marksman basket is easy to carry in a car's trunk because the pole is made of two parts
  • The Dynamic Discs Marksman basket is mainly meant for portable use. Meaning permanent installation, or prolonged exposure to the elements, can eventually compromise the integrity of the basket's composition



  • Basket Top Band: 3"
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