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This foldable device is designed to retrieve sunken golf discs from the bottom of water hazards. It only takes a few seconds and is exceptionally easy to operate. The Discdiver 'Golden Retriever' is small enough to fit in any disc bag or back pocket. Simply tug on the Golden Retriever's throw rope to unfold it, then toss it beyond the golf disc and pull across to retrieve. As it skims across the bottom of the hazard, it will scoop and retain the disc.

Unless you’re playing disc golf professionally, there are very few disc golf products that pay for themselves over time. Throwing into water is inevitable for disc golfers, but the Golden Retriever from Dynamic Discs helps you to get the most out of your disc investments. After you recover two discs with the Golden Retriever, it has paid for itself, and it continues to provide more value over time! The Golden Retriever’s patented design is compact, collapsible, lightweight, and durable. It shines at recovering discs when you can see them, but it’s even more effective than other retrievers at fetching discs when they’re underwater and out of sight.

Golden Retriever Advantages:

  • Speeds up play.
  • Keeps feet and clothes dry.
  • You won’t fear the water.
  • Pays for itself quickly.
  • It's compact and lightweight.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • Teflon bearings for reduced friction.
  • Includes 15' and 35' rope to reach almost any distance or water depth.

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