Discraft Sportsack

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The SportSack is the elite hand drying product designed for Disc Golfers. It uses Absorbead technology that is designes to absorb moisture with no mess or residue build up.

The Sportsack is a premier hand drying bag! The bag is filled with small, moisture absorbing beads. Just knead the bag in your hands and it'll suck away all of the water/sweat that makes your grip difficult. Make more putts and have clean drives with dry hands!
From Sportsack:
We have created the most versatile grip product ever, by combining ultra-absorbent, 100% cotton with our unique Absorbead Technology. Sportsack wicks moisture away, in any weather condition, while leaving no residue behind, providing a clean, natural grip. Sportsack gives you confidence in your grip so you can focus on dominating your competition, because winning isn't everything, it's the only thing!
**Sportsacks have a break in period of 1-3 uses. The more you use it, the better it will work, guaranteed!**
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