Decoy, Lucky HD Dabbler

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Movement is the key to decoying birds on calm days. The Lucky Dabbler resembles a feeding drake mallard with its feet kicking and throwing water, creating surface disturbance. The Dabbler can be ran continuously or in timer mode (10 seconds on and 5 seconds off). This decoy features an ultra-realistic paint scheme and is made our of durable EVA plastic that resists cracking. The Dabbler includes splashing paddles, 6-volt rechargeable battery, smart charger, and heavy duty foam float. Decoy is remote ready and works with Lucky HD remote kit (sold separately). 

  • Resembles a feeding mallard
  • Runs continuously or on timer mode (10 seconds on and 5 seconds off)
  • Durable EVA plastic body
  • Water activated switch
  • HD remote kit ready (sold separately)
  • Includes
    • Splashing straps
    • 6 volt battery and smart charger
    • Heavy duty foam float
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